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The Goal Of SEO:

When operating or advertising a business online there is one goal, to drive as many potential clients or customers to your website. The more hits you get on your site, the higher your chances are of turning those hits into a sale or having return visitors. While there are numerous ways and strategies for achieving this goal, basically all the online experts agree that proper and efficient search engine optimization is the one primary method of running a highly successful website. RED Spear Marketing is a company that focuses on getting the results you and your company need to increase your leads.

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What Is SEO?:

Search engine optimization is the term given to any activity that tries to boost or improve your search engine rankings. In many ways, it is like the quality control department of all search engines. Google, the world’s most extensively used search engine, displays its website links, so that is both authoritative and relevant to the topic being searched. The authority aspect is measured by breaking down the amount of, and the quality of, links from other web pages.

To put it simply, your website will be ranked in a certain order by Google as long as other web pages link to them. The higher your website appears on Google’s list, the higher your chances of getting lots of daily visitors. When people type in a topic and begin reviewing the sites list, the vast majority only look at the first one or two pages. If your site is ranked on the first few pages of Google’s search analysis, it will receive tons more traffic than if ranked on, for example, Page 30. The same rules and principles apply to all the various search engines. The higher up you are on all their lists, the better your website and business are going to perform.

Ranking Factors:

The most important element to getting a high rank on any search engine list is to write great content. You may have heard the expression ‘content is king’. Since Google uses words and phrases associated with whatever topic your site may be about, be sure to include those exact words and catchphrases in your articles. You don’t have to be a best-selling author to write a great article, just make it interesting, mention the right words and make it geared towards the reader. Design it so it can be easily shared so people can pass it on to others who are also interested in the same topic. The more folks that read it and share it, the higher your site will place on the search list. Keep using the same strategy for all your written pieces, and soon you will be right up there in the rankings.
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Investing In SEO?:

Search engine optimizing should be thought of as an investment and not an expense. It has been compared to real estate where if you buy and sell at the right times, the rewards could be stupendous! It is a staple of any online business and should be treated as such. The longer you wait, the more difficult it will become to move up the search lists. If you are ready to get yourself ranked in the search engines, make the effort of learning as much about it as you can now, rather than later. The days of slapping together a website, throwing in a few banners, and making money are long gone. If you don’t have a search engine plan in place, you are doomed to mediocrity at best.

Our efforts for SEO have been proven and will help get your business to the top spots you deserve on the internet.

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