Nick Taylor


Nick has a background with the Naval Air Station in San Diego, CA. He served 4 years before coming to Colorado to start his education in Fort Collins, CO. Nick is a graduate of Colorado State University and received his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Software Engineering in 2014.

While earning his degree, Nick worked as a Field Software Engineer with the Sierra Nevada Corporation. Upon completing his degree, he was promoted to Software Engineer where he did Software development, UNIX Scripting, testing and implementation. After several years working as a Software Engineer, Nick ventured into his own business to use his technical knowledge to help other companies. He specializes in SEO and Digital Marketing while emphasizing on helping businesses get more online exposure. With his growing knowledge and experience in Website Design, Software Integration, Software Development and more, Nick has been very successful with his business strategies.

Nick has joined with his colleague, Scott to start Red Spear Marketing on a venture to help fellow Military Veterans build their own businesses. With that, he and his team want to make sure Veteran-owned businesses are getting the good legal help they deserve to be successful.

Red Spear Marketing helps Veteran Attorney’s grow their business to be successful by reaching out to as many clients as possible with online marketing strategies.

Scott Shaff


Scott was first introduced to SEO in 2004 (ancient times in the Online Marketing world) when he decided to build an e-commerce site (online store) as a side gig/hobby while serving Active Duty in the United States Air Force. While building the site he stumbled upon the importance of SEO, but had no idea how to do it. After investing a ton of money and time learning the art of search engine optimization (or so he thought) and successfully ranking his e-commerce store online, business started rolling in.

Then came the economic downturn of 2008, as business started to dwindle at the avionics company Scott noticed they did not have a website. The company’s owner allowed Scott to build them a website and rank it in the search engines. This time he was going to be sure to TRULY learn the art of SEO and do it safely! That he did, the website ranked at the top of all the search engines very quickly and 7 years later the site still ranks at the top of page 1 in ALL the search engines and helped save the company by increasing it’s clientele through the art of Search Engine Optimization.

In 2009 Scott left the company for a year long position in Saudi Arabia on a joint United States and Saudi Arabian military project. In 2010 Scott was offered a job in Denver, Colorado working on a Classified Military ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance) project that he spent the next 4 years managing in Afghanistan, deploying about 10 months a year.

This was great until he met his beautiful wife Morgen and found out in late spring of 2013 that Morgen was diagnosed with cancer and 2 weeks later (1 day before Scott went back to Afghanistan) found out Morgen was pregnant with their first child. Immediately Scott realized he could not be the father and husband he wanted to be if he was constantly 9000 miles away in a war zone.

Scott was still building websites and honing his SEO skills as a hobby up until that time, instantly knew it was time to turn this skill into a full time business to support his family.  As an added bonus, he became addicted to the joy he felt when watching other businesses grow exponentially thanks to his rare skills.  Thus, the birth of Tactical SEO, LLC.

We pride ourselves in being a  local Denver business serving other Denver businesses. We offer what most others do not, and that is a personable face to face experience before working together, as business is nothing more and people working together to reach a mutual goal. If we are not a good fit, that is okay, we have a wonderful list of recommended contacts for a multitude of businesses.