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Our Objective:

We acquire the high-quality leads that your military veteran-owned law firm needs, so you can focus on helping the people in front of you and not worry about being out there trying to hunt down the business.

The Battle Plan:

We use Search Engine Optimization, reputation management, and lead generation strategies to serve veteran lawyers in growing their law firm. We know you have a heart for helping protect those that need it, and in the courtroom, you need to be focused on winning your battle and know that you have the right support giving you the leads that keep your business alive and kicking, so you can keep serving your clients at the highest level.

The Deployment:

If you are looking to call in an “airstrike” on your law firm marketing and get through the lead generation barriers that have held you back, call Red Spear Marketing for FREE lead generation audit. This will give you the intel you need to make smart and informed decisions on how to grow your firm to a higher level of service.

About Red Spear Marketing

As a collaborative effort between Scott Shaff and Nick Taylor formed RED Spear Marketing to serve military veterans who own law firms. They are a specialized, agile marketing firm with the tactical training needed to cover our brothers in arms with the lead generation strategies that hit the target every time. Using SEO and Reputation Marketing your law firm will appear as the obvious choice for prospective clients looking for the specific legal services you provide. The “RED” in Red Spear Marketing stands for “Remember Everyone Deployed”, Scott and Nick take your business very seriously, knowing that some of their brothers are deployed and others like you are still serving, just in a different way, helping those who need to solve legal issues so they can get back on track with their lives and you can know that you have served them at the highest level. Call Scott and Nick today and finally get the right support for your lead generation needs.

What People Are Saying!

"SEO is vital for any companies online presence. With that said, finding someone reliable who specializes in ranking websites moreover critical. Nick has a proven track record of ranking websites and doing so within time-sensitive deadlines."
Jose Cruz
Digital Marketer

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