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  RED Spear Marketing understand the stress and desires of Law Firms, and we are tired of seeing these other so-called “Law Firm Marketing Companies” taking money from their clients while providing little to no results because they are either greedy or just not knowledgeable enough within the ever-changing field of SEO and digital marketing. As military veterans, we understand the importance of integrity, attention to detail and always striving to be the best!  That is what we bring to the legal marketing field.  We have been doing SEO since 2004 and have seen just about everything you can imagine within the ever-changing field of digital marketing. How have we been successful in ranking attorney websites (the most competitive niche for local marketing)?  Simple really, we have an incredible network of genius-level marketers in every field you can imagine constantly sharing experiences, training and testing results with each other both on the digital playing field and in person at conventions and masterminds all over the world. Our main goal is to provide you and your firm with a customized marketing strategy that works based on your goals and budget that has been proven effective in the legal niche.   You will then have the tools needed to hire the right internal marketing staff, outside sources or even our agency to guide your firm through the battlefield of digital marketing, including access to our list of field experts. How are your reviews?  Do you have reviews?  If so, how many are negative?  We have a brand new proprietary Reputation Management tool that is fully automated designed to easily guide your clients to leave reviews and automatically post the POSITIVE reviews, however, all negative reviews stay in house for you to handle personally  before without anybody else knowing about it!! Our plans start out at $197 and can be customized from there.